The RoboVero Python Client Library (PCL) makes it easy to control the RoboVero via the USB-serial interface from either a mounted Overo COM or another computer connected by a USB cable. This library provides a simple Python API so a client can directly interact with the RoboVero.

On Overo

On Gumstix Yocto Project images, the RoboVero Python libraries can be installed directly to the Overo COM using the smart package manager:

$ smart update

$ smart install robovero-python robovero-examples

As the RoboVero HubCommander Interface gives priority to external connections, disconnect the USB mini-B cable before trying to control the RoboVero from a mounted Overo COM. If you need access to the Overo command prompt, SSH to the Overo via wireless.

Other Clients

The Python Client Library is available via github. If you don’t already use git you will need to install it e.g.

$ sudo apt-get install git

Now you can fetch the most up-to-date version of the library.

$ cd ~/robovero

$ git clone git://

The repository will be stored in ~/robovero/python. Additional, this library depends on pyserial e.g.

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get install python python-serial

If you are using python on Windows, be sure to set your environment variables.

With the source retrieved and the dependencies satisfied, install the RoboVero PCL package.

$ python install