I thought it was finally time that I posted some code that I've been using for testing on my Robovero+Overo on a Mikrokopter quadrotor.  I have since put most of this functionality directly in the Robovero firmware and therefore I never use these classes anymore but they were definitely helpful to test things out.


Basically what the classes due is generate string commands that are sent between the Overo and Robovero to send/receive data.  I took Neil's python code and tried to accomplish the same thing in C++ code.  Basically what it does is take care of the specific Robovero commands and keep track of pointer addresses so you don't have to, you simply call the class functions to do what you want to do.


I've included two test files (RoboveroTest_IMU.cpp and RoboveroTest_PWM.cpp) that do some quick testing of the IMU and PWM code.  Please note that this was for my testing purposes and I haven't compiled it in a while.  Also, at some point during my tests I needed to change the structure of the I2C reads which required modifying the Robovero and I2CDevice classes.  I've left the comments in so you can see what has changed.  I didn't implement all of Neil's python functionality because I didn't need the other functions at that time.  I think these files should give a good idea on how to implement the others.  I wouldn't mind adding the other functionality if people need them and are having a tough time doing it on their own.


Please feel free to use/modify as you see fit.  Most of the credit goes to Neil.  If it turns out there are major problems I'll do my best to update ASAP, right now I just don't have the time.